as a little girl, my family always called me “miss i don’t know“. when it came to making decisions i constantly found myself in a state of mental turmoil. it wasn’t until i worked through a series of life experiences that i realized we always have the answers to our dilemmas. there are just a variety of factors which impact our ability to recognize those answers.

and while that realization sounds quite simple, the impact was profound. by altering my thought patterns and rewriting the stories i had created for myself, i changed my entire outlook on life. and as a result, it became exceedingly clear to me that i needed to make some changes to my life so that i could help others do the same. so now, i’m here to help you:

 release the grip that your mind has over your body,

revitalize your body with movement and breath, 

reconnect with your intuition,

relay your message, and

reach your potential.

this journey is not easy. it takes hard work to dissect the inner workings of your mind and face what you want, rather than what others feel is right for you. and as if that isn’t enough of a challenge, once you’ve caught a glimpse of that truth it takes guts to actually grab its hand and frolic off into the sunset together, rather than run away in terror – back to the carefully constructed boundaries of your comfort zone.

the good news is that i’m stubborn when it comes to matters of the heart and will support you on your journey, every step of the way. and in the meantime you’ll find me living my own truth so fiercely that my radiance inspires you to have the courage to live yours.