energy healing helps restore a state of energetic balance and flow between the mind, body and soul. the healing process allows you to recognize how limiting beliefs influence your behaviour in such a way that you are unable to freely give and openly receive love.

Thought patterns often translate into physical responses. Imagine the power of a negative thought. If left unchecked, it can manifest into a physical ailment. Our bodies have so much to tell us if we’re willing to listen. Once you learn how to identify and reframe your thoughts, you realize that your only limits in life are those which you place upon yourself. Anything is possible, you just have to be open to it. 

My goal is to help you shift from your mind into your body so that you can tune in to what your soul is trying to tell you. I don’t claim to have all of the answers. Instead i will act as a mirror through which you will see your reflection more clearly. as you start to truly see yourself for who you are you start to recognize the importance of cultivating love in your life: to give love without exhausting yourself or becoming depleted and receive love because you accept that you are worthy of it. and through that self-acceptance, you are able to radiate your inner light.

to help you release old patterns, i often use a combination of intuitive energy work, breath work, meditation, journaling and/or open dialogue. within each healing session i offer fresh perspectives to help you reframe your thoughts, achieve greater clarity and release that which no longer serves you so that you may love yourself more deeply and feel empowered to live an authentic life. sessions will vary based on the unique needs of each individual. i have learned how to harness my intuitive healing skills from sara moncrieff and have obtained my reiki level 2 certification from tasha rooke.


i offer in-person and virtual private healing sessions and often integrate energy healing into my yoga and meditation classes.


there are times when a virtual session is more accommodating for your schedule or location. i offer virtual healing sessions as an option for both local and global clients. virtual sessions are conducted via facetime, skype or phone.


i book healing sessions out of my space or out of the comfort of your home. i'm primarily located in toronto but am often traveling and am happy to book a session if i'm in your area.