we live in a society which glorifies the mind, yet we often find ourselves at its mercy. meditation allows us to quiet the chaos of the mind so that we can begin to reduce stress & anxiety, reclaim control of our thoughts and reconnect with our intuition.

my goal is to teach you how to use meditation as a tool to navigate the fluctuations of the mind. in doing so, you will learn how to become an observer of your thoughts. once you can distinguish the difference between the type and source of your thoughts, you can more readily control how you react to certain situations and make more informed decisions based on your truth.

to help you reconnect with your intuition, i often combine breathwork, guided meditation, journaling and discussion. classes are usually taught in a seated position and props (zafus, zabutons), aromatherapy and/or peaceful playlists may be used to create a more comfortable environment for you to unwind. i have learned my style of teaching meditation from shawna turner during my 200-hour yoga teacher training and sara moncrieff through her meditation teacher training. i have also been trained in yoga nidra by shehla khan.


i offer group, private and corporate meditation classes and often integrate it into my yoga classes.


whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, meditating in a group setting allows you to journey through your individual experience in the support of a collective, to establish a more consistent practice. i teach a variety of paid and by donation classes around toronto.


we are each unique individuals and as a result our experiences with meditation vary. i will work with you either in-person or over the phone to help you tackle the challenges which prevent you from establishing a consistent practice and finding inner peace.


meditation has been proven to improve memory, lower blood pressure and promote concentration. offering meditation before, after or during work is an excellent way to help employees manage stress. I will work with your organization to design a single event or ongoing offering which will achieve your workplace wellness goals.