my journey


I worked as a Director of Operations in the world’s largest virtual software development company for almost four years. It was an amazing opportunity but I reached a point where stress, much of which was self-imposed due to my over-achieving tendencies, negatively impacted my life. My drive to achieve had fueled my ego but took a toll on me mentally and physically, along with my relationships.

I knew it was time for a change but I felt paralyzed. There was so much about leaving my job that terrified me. How could I delve into the unknown without a safety net, enticed by the glimmer of my dreams dancing far beyond the reach of my fingertips? How could I leave the company which I had worked so hard to support? What would people think if they knew I left a job where I was making a comfortable salary at a senior level position at age 26? Would they judge me and think of me as ungrateful for what I had accomplished? But worst of all, what if I failed in the pursuit of my happiness?

Crushed by the weight of “what if’s” I’d repeatedly retire back to the comfort of my daily routine, while doing an excellent job of turning a blind eye to the root of my problems. I was looking for answers in places where I would never find them. 

In a final attempt to keep myself afloat amidst the chaos I turned to yoga, meditation and healing. Although it was a continuous struggle to prioritize myself I quickly recognized how the combination of those practices gave my soul room to breathe and eventually, allowed it to be heard. while I continued to excel professionally I couldn’t ignore my soul's increasingly loud whispers, which had been quieted by my brain for so many years. And while at times what it had to say scared the shit out of me, I couldn’t shake it.

I realized that I wasn’t alone – it shocked me how many people in my life were unadmittedly struggling with the effects of stress and anxiety without understanding how to manage them. as a result I felt compelled to pursue a career that would allow me to help others learn how to navigate their inner turmoil by looking within, rather than outside of themselves.

So In June 2017, I took a leap of faith and quit my job with a vision in mind but no idea of how to get there. I could see the end result but knew there were several unknown steps I needed to take before I would get there. I started with my 200 hour yoga teacher training and unleashed a pandora's box; i have had a voracious appetite to deepen my knowledge in various healing modalities ever since.

Here I am, a year later, and I certainly don’t have all of the answers - but that’s part of the beauty of this adventure. So far I have discovered that living a life I love is an autonomous life in which I can combine my skillsets, in two seemingly unrelated worlds, to help others do the same.

Whether you’re interested in yoga, meditation, healing, consulting or website development – my goal is to create an environment in which I can empower you to radiate your truest self on a daily basis, whatever that may look like. Wherever you are on your journey, I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of your magic. Get ready because once you dive in, there’s no going back.

Stella Habib