yoga is much more than just a set of postures. in sanskrit, yoga (योग) is derived from the root “yuj” which means to “yolk” or “unite”. so yoga is the union of opposites – light and dark, mind and body, everything and nothing. it’s both the journey and the destination.

my goal is to teach you how to use yoga as a tool to explore the connection between your mind and body. we are all unique creatures and at any given moment in time we have different mental and physical needs. the minute you step onto your mat, you have consciously chosen to spend a portion of your day focusing on those needs. i challenge you to use your yoga practice as an opportunity to honour the commitment you have made to yourself.

to help revitalize the body, i combine music, movement and breath. i design my sequences to inspire flow between poses which build to a peak and work their way down, so that you end your practice feeling energized and balanced. the interdisciplinary vinyasa style of yoga i teach is inspired by alignment-based principles from ashtanga, iyengar and annie carpenter’s smartFLOW yoga, which i learned under the instruction of duncan parviainen and shawna turner in the 200-hour empowered spirit vinyasa yoga teacher training. i also teach restorative yoga based on mentorship from shehla khan.


i offer group, private and corporate yoga classes.


Whether you’re new to yoga or are a seasoned practitioner, I offer variations and modifications so that you can cater the practice to your body while flowing through movement as a collective. I teach both paid and community classes at a variety of studios around Toronto.


are you new to yoga? recovering from an injury? have a group of friends who would like to get together weekly to practice in a more intimate setting? Whatever your situation, private sessions are a great opportunity for us to work together so that I can create a custom offering.


yoga has been proven to provide both mental and physical benefits. offering yoga before, after or during work is an excellent way to reduce stress and promote focus & concentration. I will work with your organization to design a single event or ongoing offering which will achieve your workplace wellness goals.